Getting started

Once you have decided Taijutsu is for you, very little is needed to train, simply come along with a sincere attitude to practise and learn.


No special clothing or equipment is required, it can be better to actually start first and then talk to the instructor. We can give advice before you buy anything and in many cases provide the same equipment cheaper than purchasing online as an individual.


Even a uniform is not essential at the beginning though before long you will probably want one, this is included in beginners courses or is around £20 if bought seperately.


We have enough weapons to share so those are not necessary to begin and can be added gradually as your martial arts training progresses.


There is a small annual fee payable in February to cover insurance and our Japanese memberships.


The only other small cost could be a notebook which is very helpful to record what was covered in the class and add your own thoughts. Looking back through those notes later can direct your own practise outside the dojo and can really help ensure you get the most out of each class by reminding of things you may have forgotten.


The only essential requirement is a sincere wish to learn, train and practise.

*** Important ***


Due to a special event we are hosting, we will not be holding our regular class on Sunday 5th June.


This is purely a one-off event and everything is back to normal the following week: 8-10am Sunday 12th June.

Coming up, see calendar for full details...


Margate, Kent

Sunday mornings 8-10am


** Extended Training **

** Sunday 3rd April **

Following on from our regular 8-10am class we will have an extended training session from 10am-3pm. Free free to come for part of the day if you can't make the whole day.


Training will be Kihon, Gyokko Ryu and Kenjutsu.


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