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Bujinkan Sessa Takuma Dojo opened in 2006 to enable more people to train in these arts and benefit from the same experiences as the instructors own with his teachers.


As a dojo our main aim is to continue passing on these arts as sincerely, honestly and correctly as possible.

The name is taken from the Yojijukugo 'Sessa Taku Ma' which refers to the long process of cutting and scraping gems into better forms and then grinding and polishing them until smooth.


These characters express the idea of working hard to shape, polish and improve, and cultivate one's character by hard study and application. The phrase also includes the concept of using friendly competition to push each other to get better.


Travelling regularly around the UK, Europe and to Japan for more than 25 years to find the best instruction, our attitude to training is relaxed yet serious and traditional yet not overly formal.


We recognise no one can do it for us and no amount of barking from the instructor can make you better. We instead guide students to improve with encouragement to push more, go further and dig deeper.


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Wishing everyone at the dojo, old and new, a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.



The beginning of a new year is often a time for thinking about the future and making resolutions.


If your thoughts for 2020 include a mix of health, fitness, well being and all round self improvement our traditional martial arts practise may be just the challange you're looking for.


We will soon be starting a course of classes aimed specifically for beginners which will include a free training uniform to welcome new members.


Please look around our website and contact us about getting started.

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